Circuform is a Dutch brand relatively new to the design market that produces circular, recyclable furniture. From old legends to the new kids on the block, Circuform gives industrially designed furniture a circular life. With no-nonsense design made from recycled materials, durable and fully recyclable, we are making a positive contribution to a

sustainable world. A world in which we minimise the use of expensive new raw materials and maximise reuse. Our furniture is designed for office, healthcare, education, hospitality and home use.

Photography: Annegien van Doorn


Circuform has relaunched an already award winning design by Ineke Hans from 2011. The result is the REX which has since been snapped up by several museums.

The design has been re-engineered and with newly built injection moulds suitable for recyclable materials, resulting in a chair which is both sustainable and completely recyclable.

The production has the lowest possible ecological impact. The REX, for example, is made from recycled PA6 from office chair components, fishing nets, carpets, as well as industrial waste.


The KWART is a comfortable design chair designed by Ton Haas. With its airy seat and strong construction, little material is needed to produce this chair and it is light in weight. The KWART can take a beating and is ideal for busy and frequently used areas such as canteens and informal spaces, but also for the home or patio.